Port of Tallinn is also one of the biggest port complexes on the shores of the Baltic Sea as far as both, passenger and cargo flow are concerned. We own 4 harbours in Estonia.

Port of Tallinn operates as an intermodal hub, handling passengers as well as various cargo on a daily basis. An umbrella organisation, Port of Tallinn owns two passenger harbours (Old City Harbour, Saaremaa Harbour) and two cargo harbours (Muuga Harbour and Paldiski South Harbour) in Estonia.

Port of Tallinn does not mean only the harbours located in Tallinn, some of our harbours are located in other parts of Estonia. Two of our harbours are concentrated on passenger traffic and two on cargo flow. We also own Industrial Parks in Muuga, Saaremaa and Paldiski South Harbour.

Tallinn Old City Harbour

Estonia’s biggest tourism gateway:

  • Passengers
    (ferries, cruise ships, pleasure crafts)
  • Ro-Ro 

Muuga Harbour

Estonia’s biggest cargo harbour

  • Containers
  • Liquid bulk
  • Dry Bulk (fertilizers, grain, gravel, wood pellets etc.)
  • General cargo
  • Ro-Ro
  • Passenger (ro-ro lines)

Paldiski South Harbour

Regional harbour with great potential 

  • Ro-Ro
  • Dry Bulk
  • Liquid Bulk
  • General cargo
  • Passengers (ro-ro lines)

Saaremaa Harbour

Deepwater harbour on northern coast

  • Passengers ( cruise ships, pleasure craft)
  • Dry Bulk (timber, chopped wood, wood pellets, gravel)

Check out the webcams to see a live stream:

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