Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility

The staff of AS Tallinna Sadam is trained to provide services and assistance to passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility in the best possible way, helping such passengers to leave the ship or reach the information point on the ship.


Registration of passengers


In order to ensure best possible service, please provide relevant information regarding a passenger with reduced mobility or disability when you register the passenger with the shipping company, travel agency or tour operator organising the trip, or contact the information service worker of the Port of Tallinn via telephone +372 6318550 or e-mail address [email protected] not later than 24h before the departure.

NB! Upon arrival you must be present at the meeting point arranged in advance not later than one hour before departure of the ship – only in this case the passenger is accepted as the passenger departing on the basis of the booking.

In the passenger terminals

  • The meeting place of the assistant and the customer in Terminal A and Terminal D is located on the first floor and marked as the meeting point for passengers with disabilities (Meeting Point)
  • The meeting points also include a telephone, which passengers with reduced mobility can use to inform of their arrival at the port and request assistance if necessary.
  • The terminals are equipped with special vehicles with which Port of Tallinn employees can help a person in need
  • Boarding and leaving the ship is made easier with the use of lifts and escalators.
  • Both terminals have toilets for persons with disabilities.
NB! Distances between passenger gates and gangways can be very different, therefore please reserve enough time to reach the ship.

Information on parking for persons with reduced mobility


Vehicles for persons with disabilities are allowed to park in front of the passenger terminals for a short time. In case of long-term parking the parking lots located near the terminals must be used.