Parking in Old City Harbour

Near Old City Harbour terminals it is possible to stop for a short period of time to pick up or drop off passengers (Kiss&Sail).  Kiss&Sail short term parking is meant for private vehicles, taxis and different ridesharing service vehicles. Right in front of the terminals are only allowed taxi companies which have a contract with Port of Tallinn Ltd. (Tallink, Tulika). Only buses can park in front of the terminals for a short period of time.

Old City Harbour parking lots

There are seven paid parking lots in Old City Harbour, managed by EuroPark:

  1. Vanasadam Logi 3 parkla (EP152)
  2. Vanasadam A-terminali parkla (EP19)
  3. Vanasadam Jahisadama parkla (EP173)
  4. Vanasadam Laeva 5 parkla (EP163)
  5. Vanasadam D-terminali parkla (EP148)
  6. Vanasadam D-terminali parkimismaja
  7. Vanasadam Uus-Sadama 24/4 (EP169)

Parking terms and conditions are available on the EuroPark website.

Terminal D parking house

Uus-Sadama St 24/1

Parking house is open!

Parking house has 385 places

Parking fees

Every started 30 min 1,25 €
24 h 6,00 €
Every next day + 6,00 €
1 week 32,00 €
1 month 85,00 €
Lost ticket 10,00 €


Electric car charging fee

Semi-fast charger €/kWh 0,15 €
Fast charger €/kWh 0,18 €


Prices include VAT

The terminal D parking house is operated by Europark: parking conditions >>>

If you have any further questions, please contact Europark Customer Support on + 372 661 0223 or write to



Terminal A "Kiss & Sail" parking

in front of the Harbour Market

30 min free of charge

In the parking lot terminal-sided end there is a spot to pick up and drop off passengers.

Terminal D "Kiss & Sail" parking

In front of the terminal

30 min free of charge

In the parking lot by the terminal it is possible to pick up and / or drop off passengers.



Tallink parking lot

Uus-Sadama St 19/13 (mobile payments)

  • Payment: Mobile payment, parking permit
  • To enter the parking lot call: +372 7012 0012
  • To leave the parking lot, call the number on the information board

There is no card payment option in the parking lot! Foreign clients are kindly requested to notify on advance of their parking request to email

  • Parking permits are activated on Mon-Fri 8:00-15:00

Operator: TLG Stividor OÜ

Parking in the parking areas of the Old City Harbour is allowed only in the parking zones provided for cooperation partners.