Payment of grants and making donations

1. General provisions

1.1 The commercial success of AS Tallinna Sadam and the entire group (hereinafter Tallinna Sadam) is related to the reputation and development of both the Estonian state and the Port of Tallinn. In order to increase the positive image of the Port of Tallinn and contribute to the development of the Group’s business areas, the Port of Tallinn makes donations and pays subsidies (hereinafter referred to as subsidies) up to the extent stipulated in the legislation. The Port of Tallinn distributes grants only for the purpose of research and development activities in the areas of activity of the Port of Tallinn, which contribute to the achievement of the operational and financial goals of the Port of Tallinn.


1.2 Grants are generally distributed in the following areas related to the activities of the Port of Tallinn

  • logistics
  • maritime (including shipping)
  • water engineering
  • energy
  • tourism
  • port development
  • environmental protection


1.3 Supported research and development activities include the following areas:

1.3.1 Scientific and research projects related to the fields mentioned in point 1.2;
1.3.2 Research and development projects of college faculties and universities operating in Estonia in the fields specified in point 1.2;
1.3.3 Research and development activities of master’s and doctoral students of universities and universities of applied sciences operating in Estonia in the fields specified in point 1.2;
1.3.4 other research and development activities related to the operational areas of the Port of Tallinn, which contribute to the achievement of the operational and financial goals of the Port of Tallinn.


Processing of grant applications and general principles


1.4 The basis for the payment of subsidies is the person’s application, which must be sufficiently detailed in terms of the use of the amounts requested to decide on the intended purpose of the amount.

1.5 Grant applications (application form attached, appendix 1) are submitted to e-mail [email protected] or by post at Sadama 25, 15051 Tallinn, with the keyword “grant application”.

1.6 Grant applications are reviewed by the grant payment and donation committee (hereinafter the committee), which is approved by the chairman of the board of Tallinna Sadama with a directive.

1.7 The committee assesses the compliance of grant applications with the conditions for grant payment and the objectives of the Port of Tallinn and excludes grant payment applications that do not meet the conditions or exceed the possibilities.

1.8 The board forwards approved grant applications with an assessment to the council for decision.

1.9 Grants are decided by the council. Decisions on the payment of subsidies can only be made within the limits of using the amounts of the current year.

1.10 A council member who is related to the recipient of the grant or has another significant interest in the decision to pay the grant may not participate in the decision making process.

1.11 The board sends all grant applicants a written notification about the approval, partial approval or non-approval of their application based on the decisions of the council and the approval in the annual budget. If the amounts allocated for the year have already been used, the board can immediately notify the grant applicant that the Port of Tallinn will not grant the said request this year.

1.12 Contracts for the payment of subsidies are concluded by the board. The contract must indicate the intended purpose of using the amounts paid as support, the reporting procedure, and sanctions in case of non-targeted use of the amounts. The council has the right to impose additional demands or conditions on the contract to be concluded in its decision on the allocation of support.

1.13 Subsidy amounts or donations allocated on the basis of the Council’s decision, but not used in the same year, are to be paid out the following year, and they do not reduce the corresponding amount approved for the new year.

1.14 Amounts allocated on the basis of the Council’s decision, but not used due to shortcomings on the part of the applicant at the conclusion of the contract or its execution, are deemed to have been used and are not carried over to the next year.

1.15 The responsible person appointed by the board controls the appropriate use of subsidies and the fulfillment of the contract.

1.16 The recipient of the grant is obliged to submit reports to the Port of Tallinn (application form attached, appendix 2) on the purposeful use of the grant and the fulfillment of other agreed conditions.

1.17 If possible, the recipient of the grant will include the Port of Tallinn as a sponsor of the project.

1.18 The applicant/beneficiary participates in the co-financing of the project if possible.

1.19 The person appointed by the head of the Marketing and Communications Department shall publish the following information on the grants paid and donations made on the Port of Tallinn website within three working days from the signing of the relevant decision: the name or title of the recipient of the grant, the amount of the grant and the justification of how this grant contributes to the operational and financial goals of the Port of Tallinn to achieving. The information on grants is public on the website of the Port of Tallinn for at least five years after the end of the grant or the donation.

1.20 Funds provided in the budget that have not been used during the calendar year will not be carried over to the next calendar year.

1.21 If tax or other costs for Port of Tallinn are added to the grant amount, the grant amount is considered to be the total amount together with all additional costs.

Grants given


Sustainable management and exhibition of Tallinn’s Old Town
Grantee: Estonian Academy of Arts
The amount of the subsidy including additional taxes: 230,625 euros
Period: 2019-2022

The purpose of the grant is to find solutions for improving logistics for tourists, developing new products and services, better connecting the urban space between the port and the old town, and promoting Tallinn as a tourist destination within the framework of the research project “Sustainable management and exhibition of Tallinn’s Old Town”, in order to ensure the sustainable development and opportunities of the business direction of the passengers of the Port of Tallinn Old Port to increase the number of passengers.
More detailed information and research reports can be found HERE.


Council decision of 13.02.2023:

To support the research project of the Estonian Academy of Arts “Exposition of port cities and sustainable development” with the amount of EUR 161,500 (including income tax). The grant will be paid in installments after the grant agreement has been signed, in the period from spring 2023 to autumn 2026, a total of 6 semesters.