Our vision

Port of Tallinn aims to become the most innovative port on the shores of the Baltic Sea by offering its customers the best environment and development opportunities.


Our story

Port of Tallinn is the most innovative sea gate on the shores of the Baltic Sea. We have grown from a traditional infrastructure operator to a modern and multifaceted development and services company. We create the best environment and development opportunities for our customers by logistically combining the service of people and goods, shipping activities and the development of seaside real estate. We listen to communities and protect the environment. We are open, clever and trustworthy.

We represent the image of Estonia and are one of the engines behind Estonia’s economy. As a company majority owned by the state, we serve Estonia and its citizens. Our role is to improve Estonia’s competitiveness as a maritime country.

Our values

Port of Tallinn values the following:


  • We are open to new ideas and cooperation.
  • We support smart ideas and reforms and find a way to implement them.
  • We are honest and open and we share information about our intentions and actions both internally and externally.


  • We make intelligent and clever decisions and do the right things at the right time and in the right way.
  • We look for, use and offer smart and innovative solutions to improve our competitiveness.


  • We keep our promises and meet out commitments with quality.
  • We are proficient, competent and influential experts in our field.
  • We respect and care for ourselves as well as others.
  • We are honest and abide by our values.

Value-based management culture

Management principles of Port of Tallinn

Encouraging cooperation

– The manager informs employees, involves them in the decision-making process and encourages cooperation in the team and in the organization.


Leadership and implementation

– The manager is a leader in setting and fulfilling the goals of his / her field and organization and sets a great example by taking his / her ability to develop, innovate and take responsibility.


Boosting strengths

– The manager supports employees in fulfilling their goals, shows opportunities to develop through work tasks and training, and provides expert support.


Feedback and recognition

– The manager creates and maintains a positive atmosphere. He / she gives honest feedback and acknowledges what is commendable, thus creating a trusting and supportive environment.

Principles of ethics

We expect all employees, representatives, and partners of the Port of Tallinn Group to conduct themselves in accordance with high ethical standards, principles of business integrity and fairness, and in compliance with legal regulations. The key ethical principles are outlined in the Group’s Code of Ethics.


We encourage both employees and third parties to report any misconduct related to activities within the Port of Tallinn Group companies so that we can proactively prevent, detect, and address any resulting issues and minimize potential harm to both Port of Tallinn and third parties. See: Procedure for reporting misconduct


We kindly request reports of misconduct to be submitted through the designated reporting channel, where you are encouraged to complete a reporting assistance form. Employees also have the option to report misconduct through other internal channels within the organization in addition to the external reporting channel.

Strategy 2023-2027

The Port of Tallinn strategy 2023-2027 focuses on fulfilling the company’s vision to become the most innovative port in the Baltic Sea region along with meeting the expectations of the owners, keeping the dividend promises, and ensuring high corporate culture and sustainable development.


Corporate strategy

For 2027, Port of Tallinn has planned moderate growth opportunities in all its business sectors – transport of goods and passengers as well as real estate and shipping business.

In cargo segment during the next five years we shall continue to increase the competitiveness of the freight corridors passing through Estonia together with all the participants of the logistics chain. Exponential growth in offshore wind provides unique opportunity for becoming construction and maintenance port and replacement of fossil fuels with renewables, biofuels and alternative energy creates new opportunities for handling new cargo groups. Due to the changing global supply chains, our cargo ports grow their importance as multimodal HUBs, North-South corridor movements increase and related to the nearshoring trend we aim to exploit more widely the industrial park areas in Muuga Harbour and Paldiski South Harbour.

In passenger transport, which is the sector that has been affected the most by the corona pandemic, the clear target is on restoring the volume of passengers both on regular lines as well as the volume of serviced cruise ships. We have a clear focus on establishing green corridors on Tallinn-Helsinki and Tallinn-Stockholm routes and the investments of this field are directed in improving the passenger service infrastructure and establishing environmentally sustainable solutions for ships, buildings, and passengers.

In real estate segment we shall also continue creating attractive urban environment and carrying out the development plan of the Old City Harbour, i.e., Masterplan 2030. During 2023-2027 the focus is on starting developments in the North sector and creating a state-of-the-art area opened to the sea.

In the shipping sector, the focus in 2023–2027 is targeted at securing the core business for TS Laevad in the domestic ferry transportation, offering year-round service with multifunctional icebreaker Botnica and implementing new, environmentally friendly and smart solutions to the vessels. A new business opportunity of offering maintenance vessels to the offshore wind value chain is being evaluated.



When implementing the corporate strategy, the cargo segment is most influenced by the unstable global economy, sanctions against Russia, the sustainability of raifreight in Estonia and tightening of environmental requirements and the related increase in the cost of transport services. Passenger transport is also most influenced by the changing travel behaviours due to the global pandemic and Russian war against Ukraine. The field of real estate is most influenced by the potential delays in the planning processes of local governments and potentially declining interest of foreign investors due to the unstable economy. In the shipping sector, our business activities may be influenced by the potential changes in domestic ferry market and finding continuous utilisation for icebreaker Botnica for summer periods.


Human resources strategy – dedicated employees in right roles

We wish to work and develop in a sustainable manner – both now and in the future, and we wish to be a reliable partner for our customers, current and future employees, and investors. This assumes ethical and value-based management and the development and cooperation of employees.

The human resources strategy of the corporation is focused on four cornerstones which are a sense of unity and good cooperation, smart work processes and efficient work arrangement, learning and development, and innovation.

To implement the strategy, we set annual goals and action plans, whereas all the employees of the company can contribute to the implementation of these plans. The key to the future success of Port of Tallinn is the way of operating and thinking that our daily business decisions and investments shall equally support the broader development of the company, the environment, and the society.