Marina berthing fees

NB! We will publish the new price-list soon.

Old City Marina berthing fees for contractual clients, EUR


Length (m)

1 month

6 months

Up to 8.00 m
8.01-10.00 m
10.01-12.00 m
12.01-15.00 m
15.01-18.00 m
18.01-24.00 m



Visitors, 24 h, EUR


Length (m) / (ft)

EUR / 24 h

Up to 8.00 m / 26 ft
8.01-10.00 m / 26-32 ft
10.01-12.00 m / 32-39 ft
12.01-15.00 m / 39-49 ft
15.01-18.00 m / 49-59 ft
18.01-21.00 m / 59-68 ft
21.01-24.00 m / 68-78 ft


The berthing fee for recreational crafts which are over the length of 24,0 metres (79 ft) is regulated by the current Port Charges and Fees of Port of Tallinn and calculated according to gross tonnage (GT). More information on Port Charges and Fees point 3.2.1.

The berthing fee for catamarans and similar recreational crafts is 1.5 times the price indicated in the price list.

The berthing fee is calculated by the length of the recreational craft in metres.

VAT is included in all of the fees above.

When calculating the visitors fee, each started day (24h) is considered a full day. A short free extension for berth usage up to 3 hours can be permitted by the authority of the Marina Master.


Price includes

  • acceptance of sorted municipal waste
  • emptying of sewage and bilge tanks
  • drinking water supply
  • electricity supply
  • use of the sauna at a specified time

NB! You need to take your water craft’s licence of registration with you when coming to pay the berthing fee.

* Information about pricing changes is published on AS Tallinna Sadam webpage 1 (one) month before the opening of the navigation season.