Applying for Permits of Entry to the Port Area

Due to security requirements, access to the port areas of Port of Tallinn is limited and possible only on the basis of a corresponding permit.

It is possible to access the port on the basis of a permanent identity permit or a short-term access permit.

Permanent identity permits are regulated by tariffs which can be found in the Document of Procedure For Access To Port Areas.

To request access to Paljassaare harbour, please contact

Permanent identity permit

When applying for a permanent identity permit, it is necessary to:

  • fill out permit request form (download HERE);
  • request written approval of the contractual partner of Port of Tallinn (If the company requesting for identity permit is not the contractual partner of Port of Tallinn);
  • include email address information for invoice;
  • add photos of persons, if the access permit is being requested for the first time.

All the documents must be sent to

Short-term access permit

Short-term access permit request must be submitted at least 24 hours before entering the port area. Short-term permit requests must be forwarded accordingly to the accessible port in need:

Submitting short-term access permits for the contractual partners of Port of Tallinn:

Old City Harbour parking permit

Parking permit in the Old City Harbour can be requested only by cooperational partners of Port of Tallinn.

Parking permit request form (download HERE) must be filled in and sent to

Parking fee for one month is 12.78 € + VAT.

Old City Harbour parking permit will allow parking at the following parking zones.