Muuga Harbour is the biggest cargo harbour in Estonia. It is located ca 17 km east of Tallinn. Muuga Harbour is one of the deepest and most modern ports in the Baltic Sea region.

Muuga Harbour is the main cargo harbour for Port of Tallinn and locates ca 17 km east of Tallinn. It is specialized on handling transit origin goods. The cargo volume handled in Muuga Harbour accounts for ca 50% of the total cargo volume of Port of Tallinn and ca 40% of the transit cargo volume passing through Estonia.

The harbour handles various types of cargo, including liquid bulk, containers, dry bulk (fertilisers, grain, gravel etc), general cargo (break bulk) and Ro-Ro.

Muuga Harbour has the natural depth up to -18 m.

An extensive free zone in Muuga Harbour grants more flexible customs procedures for companies rendering transit and distribution services. Simplified customs procedures, easy transfer of ownership rights and value-added operations allowed in the zone are designed to foster the development of distribution centres. No import VAT is applied to goods imported temporarily to be processed and exported in due time from Estonia.

In terms of land availability for extension, Muuga Harbour possesses the greatest development potential in the whole region.

Part of Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) Core Network.

Muuga Industrial & Logistics Park is also a part of the harbour complex and is perfect for developing of logistic or production units for companies in need of a nearby port.

Port in numbers

  • Territory: 566.8 ha
  • Water area: 682.0 ha
  • Number of quays: 29
  • Total length of quays: 6,379 m
  • Max. depth: 18 m
  • Max. length of a vessel: 300+ m
  • Max. width of a vessel: 50+ m

Terminals & cargos

  • Liquid bulk terminals
  • Container terminal
  • Ro-Ro terminal
  • Dry bulk terminals
  • Grain terminal
  • Fertilizer terminal
  • Multipurpose terminals
  • Reefer warehouse
  • Logistic centres & warehouses

Storage area

  • Warehouse area: 2,300,00 m²
  • Open storage area: 6,950,00 m²
  • Reefer warehouse area: 13,500 m²
  • Oil tank capacity: 1,550,150 m³
  • Grain silo: 300,000 t
  • Fertilizer terminal: 192,000 t

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