Sustainable development and CSR

As being a responsible and environmentally friendly company, Port of Tallinn regularly contributes to minimizing its environmental impact – both in its operations and planning.

We will always act responsibly with regard to our natural and marine environment. To help us achieve that we listen to communities, work with municipalities, research institutes and other major Baltic Sea ports to ensure the sustainable development and operation of the company.

Our goal is not to undertake individual responsibility projects as such, but to manage the entire company and all our projects on a sustainable basis. This means that we consider our business decisions from an economic, environmental and social perspective. We aim to be a reliable partner for our customers, our current and future employees and investors.

In September 2015, at the United Nations’ (UN) summit in New York, Sustainable Development Goals were adopted. This declaration, as well as our own government’s goals for achieving climate neutrality and the EU Green Deal are important reference points for planning and contributing to the sustainable development of Port of Tallinn.

More detailed information on Port of Tallinn’s CSR policy can be found in our  annual reports.

Port of Tallinn has been a member of the Estonian Socially Responsible Business Forum since 2014 and in its operations, will be guided by the Forum’s jointly agreed promise for a better tomorrow.

Managing sustainable development

To achieve the goals of sustainable development, we have defined basic activities and action plans, and we monitor their implementation using a system of metrics with target levels developed in 2020. Sustainable development is an organic part of company management, and strategic goals are based on the evaluation of business projects, management decisions, and the daily activities of employees.
Management and monitoring of the objectives are done at the management level and are assisted by experts from various fields, including energy, environment, waste management, safety, personnel, and communication. In addition to dealing with issues within the organization, we also involve our partners, customers, suppliers, and other interest group representatives in achieving goals and establishing values. We have already accomplished a lot, and examples of projects involving the environment, society, and innovative business solutions can be found on the sustainable development view subpages.
Looking to the future, all of our largest business development growth projects are in one way or another related to the topics of sustainable development. They contribute to the achievement of the aforementioned goals and the creation of a human-friendly natural environment in the Baltic Sea region.

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