Reporting misconduct

We encourage both employees and third parties to report any misconduct related to activities within the Port of Tallinn Group companies so that we can proactively prevent, detect, and address any resulting issues and minimize potential harm to both Port of Tallinn and third parties.


It is possible to report misconduct both confidentially and anonymously.

  • In the case of a confidential report, you can submit the report in your own name, but your identity will not be disclosed during the investigation without your consent. Confidential reporting ensures the opportunity to contact the informer to clarify details or provide feedback while also protecting the informer from potential retaliation.
  • In the case of an anonymous report, the identity of the informer is not known, which can make it more challenging to investigate the details of the misconduct and ensure protection for the informant.


When submitting a report, the system will automatically generate a unique numerical code for the report, which we kindly ask the informer to preserve securely. This code can be used later when logging into the reporting channel’s website to check for feedback or additional questions related to the submitted report. This is especially important for anonymous reports, as they lack other means of communication. Please note that the code cannot be restored if it is lost, and in such cases, a new report will need to be submitted.


Reports are automatically forwarded to the head of internal audit department of the Port of Tallinn, who organizes the reception and analysis of notifications.


We do not verify reports:

a) that do not indicate circumstances of professional misconduct (e.g., related to personal disputes, customer feedback, etc.);

b) in which the information provided is not sufficiently accurate for verification purposes.


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