Port of Tallinn's Mascot

Meet the mascot of Port of Tallinn: Harbour Master Ülo the Seal!


Our mascot is a seal because seals are beautiful marine animals who are frequent guests of our ports. Harbour Master Ülo the Seal is a social specimen who loves entertaining people. Ülo’s a big fan of cruise tourists who tell him exciting tales of different faraway lands.

Mascot Ülo is named after Port of Tallinn’s Harbour Master Ülo Kikas and he is the seal’s biggest idol. That’s why, as well as entertaining people, Ülo the Seal keeps an eye on the ports’ territories. The Estonian name “Hüljes Ülo” is also a fun tongue twister for foreigners.


The character of the mascot was created in the spring of 2014 after a public contest. The ideas of some of the most popular works were fused. The mascot was made by one of the most well-known Estonian theatrical costume designers Gunta Randla who’s made costumes for many beloved Estonian children’s TV shows.