Port of Tallinn harbours handle all kinds of goods and commodities, including liquid bulk, containers and rolling stock (Ro-Ro) as well as dry bulk goods and general cargo.

Port of Tallinn is a landlord port providing infrastructure – land, quays, sea approaches and safe navigation in the port waters.

Private operators provide superstructure: handling equipment and warehousing.

Port of Tallinn harbours handle cargo 24/7.

2 cargo harbours:

Muuga Harbour and Paldiski South Harbour.

Cargo volume:

20 million tons a year

Ship calls:

1600 cargo ship calls a year

In addition to our two main cargo harbours – Muuga Harbour and Paldiski South Harbour – some cargo is handled also in our passenger harbours – Old City Harbour and Saaremaa Harbour.

Muuga Harbour

Containers, liquid bulk, dry bulk (fertilizers, grain, gravel,wood pellets etc), general cargo, Ro-Ro.

Muuga harbour is the biggest cargo harbour in Estonia. The cargo volume handled accounts for around 50% of the total cargo volume of Port of Tallinn and approximately 40% of the transit cargo volume passing through Estonia.



Paldiski South Harbour

Ro-Ro, general cargo, dry bulk, liquid bulk.

Paldiski South Harbour, the Port of Tallinn’s second cargo harbour, is located 45 km west of Tallinn.

The core activity of the harbour is focused on handling Estonian export and import cargo and transit cargo. Mainly ro-ro cargo, scrap metal, timber, peat and oil products are handled there.


Old City Harbour

Ro-Ro and passengers  (ferries,cruise ships,pleasure crafts).

The Old City Harbour is predominantly a passenger harbour. The functions of a traditional cargo port have been gradually moved away from the city centre, and relocated into the other harbours. At present the Old City Harbour processes mainly Ro-Ro cargo carried by passenger ferries.


Saaremaa Harbours

Passengers (cruise ships, pleasure crafts), dry bulk, general cargo.
The harbour is open for servicing both passenger ships and cargo ships, for loading local cargo (wood pellets, chipwood, gravel etc.)