The Port of Tallinn has set its vision to be the most innovative port in the region. The goal of the innovation is to increase the competitiveness of the Port of Tallinn in the Baltic Sea region.

  • To implement new technologies, digital solutions and automation that contribute to increasing the profitability of the Port of Tallinn.
  • To contribute to the sustainable operation of the company and to reduce the footprint resulting from the company’s activities.
  • Piloting of new innovation-supporting business projects in cooperation with partners.

Examples of innovation projects

Smart Port – intelligent traffic management system in the harbours

Smart Port – intelligent traffic management system in the harbours

Auto-mooring for passenger ships

Auto-mooring for passenger ships

Construction solutions and digital model design (BIM) for the buildings of the cruise terminal and passenger terminal D

Construction solutions and digital model design (BIM) for the buildings of the cruise terminal and passenger terminal D

Strategy and growth projects

The 2023-2027 strategy identifies moderate growth opportunities in all four business areas of the Port of Tallinn (cargo, passengers, real estate and shipping). See more: Port of Tallinn strategy 2023-2027.

Find out more about our development plans and European Union co-financed projects, as well as the Port of the Future project for industrial parks clients.


Digitalization strategy


The digitalization strategy describes the long-term view of the digitalization of the Port of Tallinn, focuses on business-critical solutions and supports the vision of becoming the most innovative port in the Baltic Sea. The most important focus areas for the following years are:

  • partner platform and multimodality
  • marine traffic management
  • digital port managemen

Growth projects with significant impact

The base harbor for offshore wind farms in Paldiski – by 2025, we will establish the necessary port infrastructure for the construction of offshore wind farms in Paldiski South Harbour. We are also considering the possibility of building the fleet necessary for the maintenance of offshore wind farms, including SOV and CTV type vessels. Take a closer look at the recording of our Investor Day “In the winds of the future” held on 14.09.2022:

Old City Harbour real estate development Masterplan 2030+. We will start with the first developments in the northern part of Old City Harbour. In December 2022, the starting positions and sketch designs of the detailed planning of the four areas of the Old City Harbor were published. Read more:

Rail Baltica transport corridor opportunities, including the further development of ro-ro and container lines – together with other supply chain participants, we are developing a north-south freight corridor. In 2025, the Rail Baltica freight station will be completed in Muuga Harbour, which will create loading opportunities for sea, road and rail transport. Rail Baltica is estimated to create additional capacity for the transport of 4-5 million tons of cargo annually.

Energy projects and alternative fuel terminals in ports – we introduce various additional sustainable solutions, e.g. onshore electricity, marine heating, renewable energy production. To this end, we cooperate with other major Baltic Sea ports, energy technology and production companies

Scientific cooperation

  • In cooperation with Estonian Academy of Arts and the City of Tallinn we carried out a joint research project “Tallinn Old Town: Sustainable Management and Presentation” the purpose of which was to obtain academic input on how to manage and present Tallinn Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in a dignified and sustainable manner and how to improve tourist transport connections between the harbour and the Old Town.
  • In partnership with the Estonian Maritime Academy we contribute to the education of seafarers and the availability of future talent as well as projects addressing vessels’ cyber security needs and digitalisation of the logistics chain.
  • We also cooperate with other research institutions in Estonia and elsewhere both in the development of digital solutions and in the analysis of innovative construction technical solutions. We introduce the Port of Tallinn to students and offer internship opportunities.

Attractive employer and our people

The sustainable development of Port of Tallinn is ensured by a diverse and experienced workforce. The current focus areas of our human resource strategy are team spirit and cooperation, employee development and health, smart work processes and effective work arrangement, and innovation. The goal of our human resource strategy is to have highly engaged people in the right roles.

When recruiting or promoting employees, we consider their values, experience and competence and avoid discrimination on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity or other factors.

We consider it important that both employees, customers and guests of the port behave in an environmentally aware and responsible manner, and we also contribute to promoting these principles on a daily basis.

We support employees’ professional development and physical and mental health. The key performance indicators for the human resource strategy are the employee engagement index and voluntary employee turnover. We also monitor our reputation as an employer and participate in the employer reputation survey conducted by the market research company Kantar Emor.

Sustainable listed company

Being an important part of the economy, in the public space and one of the largest listed companies in Estonia, it is our responsibility to our shareholders to create both economic value, that is, to make a profit, and to create value in the environmental and social dimensions. We have set ourselves certain strategic goals, levels of metrics, action plans and intermediate goals, the fulfillment of which we are moving towards and the progress of which we regularly inform our investors. When disclosing information, we are primarily following the principle of equal treatment of investors and the rules applicable to the storage and disclosure of inside information. Being named the company with the best investor relations in the Baltic States in 2021 by financial analysts, investors and journalists at the Nasdaq Baltic Awards only confirms our principle of being open and reliable both in investor relations and in all other daily activities.

We keep the promises made to the shareholders and follow the current dividend policy