Want to access 480 million consumers within 72 hours?

Bring your project of the future to Port of Tallinn

The most innovative port in the Baltic Sea region

The Port of Tallinn is the most innovative port in the Baltic Sea region. Our customers have access to the most modern and economical solutions for the storage, processing and transportation of goods and unique opportunities to grow their business.

The industrial parks in Muuga and Paldiski South Harbor have a wide range of plots with high potential and all the necessary communications, with excellent connections to other countries by sea, rail and land.

Who are the parks for?

The Port of Tallinn wants to support the transition to renewable and alternative energy sources with its activities. Therefore, projects based on modern and innovative technologies and helping to meet the green goals of countries and companies are most welcome in our industrial parks.

Due to the shortening of supply chains and relocation of industry close to the consumer, companies targeting Scandinavia and other neighbouring regions are welcome in our industrial parks. The industrial parks of Muuga and Paldiski South Harbour provide an opportunity to benefit from a logistics chain crossing point located close to the consumer.

If you work on climate-positive technologies such as hydrogen and wind energy and benefit from direct access to Rail Baltic and the Baltic Sea, then the Port of Tallinn is the right place for you.

Why grow with the Port of Tallinn?

The goal of the Port of Tallinn, as the largest port authority in Estonia, is to offer customers and partners the best growth conditions. Therefore, we are constantly improving the facilities and logistics opportunities in our industrial parks. As your business scales, so will we.

The Muuga and Paldiski Industrial parks give your company excellent access to the markets. Thanks to a world-class transport infrastructure with diverse connections via sea, road, air and future rail networks, you are connected to millions of customers in Western Europe and beyond.

Muuga Harbour industrial park Paldiski South Harbour industrial park

Estonia is a smart, agile location for businesses with global ambitions.

Andres Sutt, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology

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The best connection of the Baltic Sea with the ports of Western Europe

The ports of Muuga and Paldiski, operated by the Port of Tallinn, give access to 480 million consumers in Europe within 72-hours.

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The best location for green energy projects

The Port of Tallinn is a leader in the field of hydrogen energy in Estonia and a will be a pillar of hydrogen logistics in the future.

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The largest potential for growth

Expansion to Muuga and Paldiski South Harbor guarantees the growth of export opportunities for years. The largest development projects of the ports in the coming years are related to the servicing of transit goods, diversification of trade flows and enhancement of goods.

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The only port with direct access to Rail Baltic

The industrial park of Muuga Harbor will become the only one in Baltics that will have Rail Baltic’s multimodal terminal inside the port. This allows your goods to be transshipped from sea and road to rail of European (1435 mm) and Russian (1520 mm) widths and vice versa.

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Freight hub

Muuga Harbor is the largest and deepest cargo port in Estonia, with direct connections to sea, land, and rail transport. Also, it is located near Tallinn Airport. The total area of Muuga Harbor Industrial Park is 76 ha and the distance from Tallinn is only 17 km.

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Plug and play infrastructure connections ready

In the Muuga Harbor Industrial Park, gas and water supply and sewerage have been built up to the boundary of the plot. All the necessary communication channels have also been installed up to the boundary of the plot, and the connection to the electricity network according to the capacity installed on the plot will be built for a connection fee.

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Advantages of a free zone

An extensive free zone in Muuga Harbour grants more flexible customs procedures for companies rendering transit and distribution services. Simplified customs procedures, easy transfer of ownership rights and value-added operations allowed in the zone are designed to foster the development of distribution centres. No import VAT is applied to goods imported temporarily to be processed and exported in due time from Estonia.

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Frequent ship connections

Muuga Harbour is the only Estonian port with a connection of container lines to practically all European cargo ports. Muuga Harbor is also the most modern container terminal in the Baltics.

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World’s preferred east-west trade and transit gateway

Estonia is the most effective supply chain hub for the Nordic, Baltic and northwest Russian regions thanks to its strategic location, modern infrastructure, multi-modal capabilities and reliable but flexible approach.

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In the CEE region, Estonia is #1 in both competitiveness and transparency

The Estonian business culture is western, where contracts are honored, and punctuality is valued. The Port of Tallinn offers the best access to the east with the comforts and stability of the west.

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Highly-educated workforce in logistics, R&D and manufacturing

The Estonian labour market can be described by its highly skilled workforce, with 86% of adults speaking at least one foreign language, low unionisation, simple and straightforward labour legislation and easy hiring processes.

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Highly digital business culture

As digitalisation becomes the value driver across all industries, Estonia is uniquely positioned as the scalable location of choice for knowledge and digital business.


Offering key services at key locations has made Katoen Natie a preferred logistics service provider for leading companies in various industries around the world. For many years, we consider the Muuga harbour (Tallinn) as a key location because it has excellent infrastructure for all kinds of transport and goods. The fact that Muuga will be the only port connected to Rail Baltica in future is an additional advantage. Our Tallinn Logistics Center provides a reliable logistics bridgehead between Europe and Russia for our international customers. In order to cope with business growth, Katoen Natie Eesti will continue to invest in state-of-the-art warehouses and innovative logistics.

Fernand Huts, Chairman Katoen Natie

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