How to navigate in Muuga Harbour?

  • Arrive in Muuga Harbour using GPS and following traffic signs by entering “Muuga Harbour” or “Muuga Harbour” as the address.
  • In the harbour, all destinations are marked with three-digit address numbers. You should find your destination number from your shipping documents or from the SMS.
  • If the port number is not indicated in your documents, you can find it on the spatial plans or in the list below.

Find the location on the map:

See the detailed territory guide with gates & numbers  >>

Port number 397, 398
Port number 210
Port number 340, 345
Port number 320, 360, 365, 370

If you give directions to your destination


When planning a trip, we ask you to register the destination address of Muuga Harbour for the driver as shown below:

Company name
Muuga Harbour
Gate A
Port number 235

In this format, all the necessary information can be transmitted and following it, the driver can find the destination easily.


See you at the harbour!