Tallink passengers will be able to take coronavirus antigen tests before travelling at newly opened Confido testing location at Terminal D, Port of Tallinn from Tuesday, 16 March 2021

From Tuesday, 16 March 2021, Confido will open a new coronavirus testing location at Terminal D, Port of Tallinn and will thus make it easier for passengers to obtain the necessary negative COVID test certificates, required for travelling to Finland since the end of February.

Passengers will be able to take the coronavirus antigen test at the new testing location and should allow at least half an hour before boarding to get the result and necessary certificate. Passengers wanting to use this service must book a testing slot in advance.

At the port Confido will be offering the coronavirus antigen testing service, which are accepted by both Finland and Sweden for entering the countries. The antigen tests are performed by taking a nasal swab and the result will show whether the person has proteins characteristic of coronavirus in their sample or not, i.e. whether a person is contagious or not. The results of the test with the necessary certificate required for travelling can be obtained quickly – within 30 minutes.

The new coronavirus antigen testing location is also open for those people not travelling. Booking a testing slot in advance is also required.

To book a slot at the Port of Tallinn D-terminal testing location, go to: https://www.confido.ee/en/coronavirus-testing/coronavirus-antigen-testing-at-port-of-tallinn-d-terminal/ .

The testing location will be open every day at the following times in March and April 2021: Monday-Friday  06:00-21:00, Saturday 06:00-18:00, Sunday 09:00-21:00.

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