2,8 million euro worth of EU funding to the Port of Tallinn

The TWIN-PORT V project of the ports of Helsinki and Tallinn has received a total of EUR 6.8 million in EU funding. Approximately EUR 2,8 million of the amount is allocated to the Port of Tallinn covering 50% of the costs of upgrade of the port infrastructure in Muuga harbour and Old City Harbour.

The ports of Helsinki and Tallinn have worked together to develop cargo and passenger transport connections between the ports since 2011. Through joint TWIN-PORT projects, the efficiency and responsibility of the connections between the two cities has been significantly improved. The latest TWIN PORT V project extends to the end of 2023.

The Port of Tallinn will improve port infrastructure in the Muuga Harbour and the Old City Harbour during the forthcoming project. The Port of Helsinki project will provide the necessary reports and technical plans for the three main projects under the new development programme. The reports cover a wide range of technical, financial and legislative reviews.

 We are very grateful for the EU support we have received and for the good cooperation with the Port of Helsinki. The links between Tallinn-Helsinki and Muuga-Vuosaari are as important for our ports as for our countries’ economies and also support the overall objectives of the EU,” says Valdo Kalm, CEO, Port of Tallinn.

Earlier TWIN PORT projects have built and developed the port infrastructure of Helsinki and Tallinn as well as the fleets of the shipping companies. The funding has, among other things, been used to build the newest terminal in the West Harbour in Helsinki, Parking house and pedestrian bridge and reconstruct D-terminal in Old City Harbour and improve its transport connections.

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