30 years of Muuga Harbour

Estonia’s biggest and deepest cargo harbour – Muuga Harbour – was opened festively 30 years ago on December 19th in 1986. In this December, Port of Tallinn celebrates Muuga Harbour’s 30th anniversary.


The story of Muuga Harbour

Through history, the sagas and legends that have decorated the important moments of maritime affairs have been born in harbour taverns, and therefore, are more sincere than the lovely prose that has been spoken from podiums. We may not know that exact day, but it was in 1980 during the Moscow Olympic Regatta when the head of the State Marine Navigation of Estonia, seagoing captain Arno Kask (1927-2002), was drinking with high officials from Moscow in the New Pirita beach pavilion. The sea shimmered and a crowd of ships were waiting on the road for a spot on the quay to become free. The superior immediately noticed this useless waiting time, which the Soviet economy did not tolerate.


 "Mostsnostei ne hvatajet!" ("The capacities are not sufficient!") explained captain Kask immediately and scored a goal.


"No problem. We will build you a new port!", said the highest official.


And so, the Muuga Harbour, the pride of the future Republic of Estonia got its start. This was followed by the customary proceedings, to implement the nice idea and find the best location for the port. Different areas were considered but the current area was decided to be the best one, especially regarding the location and geographical parameters.



General info

Muuga Harbour is the biggest cargo harbour in Estonia and specialized on handling transit origin goods. It is the main cargo harbour for Port of Tallinn and locates ca 17 km east of Tallinn. Muuga Harbour is among the deepest (up to 18 m) and most modern ports in the Baltic Sea region.

Muuga Harbour includes 6 liquid bulk terminals, 2 multipurpose terminals (one of them with a reefer complex), container terminal and ro-ro terminal, dry bulk terminal, grain terminal, steel terminal and coal terminal. Muuga Harbour also offer suitable storage area for different type of goods.


An extensive free zone in Muuga Harbour grants more flexible customs procedures for companies rendering transit and distribution services. Simplified customs procedures, easy transfer of ownership rights and value-added operations allowed in the zone are designed to foster the development of distribution centres. No import VAT is applied to goods imported temporarily to be processed and exported in due time from Estonia.

In terms of land availability for extension, Muuga Harbour possesses the greatest development potential in the whole region.



Opportunities in Muuga Harbour for production and logistics companies

The port has prepared approximately 50 ha of plots with the size of 0.3-21 ha for its potential clients. Plot borders can be changed according to need and a plot of a necessary size can be formed in the limits of the cadastral unit. Plot formation expenses shall be born by Port of Tallinn. Some plots can be joined and a registered immovable complying with the needs can be rented.


The advantages of the land in Muuga Harbour include good location, immediate closeness of the harbour, good access to berths and terminals, good access from main roads (Peterburi road, Tallinna circuit), great connection with other countries by sea, rail, as well as mainland, long-term land use contracts, location within the free-zone and reliable partner – state enterprise Ltd. Tallinna Sadam.


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