3,623 cruise tourists visited Saaremaa Harbour this summer

This summer cruise vessels called Saaremaa Harbour five times bringing 3,623 cruise tourists to see Estonia’s biggest island Saaremaa. During the season, three different vessels of three different cruise companies, called at Saaremaa Harbour.  

Cruise vessel Saga Sapphire, with mainly British tourists on board, opened Saaremaa’s cruise season on May 16th and ended it on August 6th. Cruise vessel Birka Stockholm of Birka Cruises, which offers cruises for Swedish people, also called Saaremaa harbour two times. Cruise vessel Serenissima of cruise company Noble Caledonia called Saaremaa Harbour once.


The majority, 2,249 people or 62 per cent of cruise tourists who visited Saaremaa this summer, came from Sweden. They were followed by 1,237 British tourists forming 34 per cent of all the visitors. 56 Finnish cruise tourists also visited Saaremaa, forming 1.5 per cent of all the passengers. Altogether, representatives of 25 different nationalities visited Saaremaa on board cruise vessels this summer.


Currently, five cruise ship calls by four different vessels have been booked for next year.


Since the opening of Saaremaa Harbour in 2006 or during ten seasons, 30 different vessels of 19 different cruise companies have called at the harbour making a total of 66 cruise ship calls. 35,623 cruise passengers have been brought to see the island.

Saaremaa offers cruise passengers various pleasant possibilities to try something untried, something exciting and magical. The touring proposals vary from panoramic tours to custom tailored manor tours or wild-life experiences. Saaremaa is the chance to experience something different and new– beautiful nature resources, silence, rich historical heritage, especially friendly and hospitable people.

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