A volunteer flower planting action took place in Tallinn cruise area

Port of Tallinn kept up the tradition and took part in the annual nation-wide community activities day "Let’s do it!" by planting flowers to Tallinn’s cruise area.

According to Port of Tallinn’s Head of Marketing and Communication Sirle Arro, the aim of this year’s activity was to make the cruise area in Tallinn nicer for cruise tourists. „This year we together with colleagues from Port of Tallinn and volunteers from the NATO Force Integration Unit in Estonia built flower beds and planted flowers at the cruise area to give a green and lush welcome to cruise tourists arriving to Estonia. Tallinn is one of the greenest capitals in Europe after all and we would like to keep it that way.”


„Planting flowers is a small good deed that everyone of us can easily do and it doesn’t effect positively only the surrounding by making it nicer but it’s also good for the environment,“ added Arro.


The day of community activities took place on May 4 and there were around 44,000 participants (3.3% of the inhabitants) taking part in 2,051 different actions all over Estonia.

Let’s Do it! is an environmental civic action, which was established in Estonia in 2008. With its cleanup campaign it has now spread all over the world.


This cruise season Port of Tallinn expects 339 cruise ship calls with more than 600,000 cruise passengers to Tallinn. The season started on April 27 and lasts until October 19.

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