According to the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Port of Tallinn, current members of the Management Board will continue to lead the company

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Supervisory Board of AS Tallinna Sadam (Port of Tallinn) the major subject was the election of the company’s Management Board. The Supervisory Board has carefully considered the candidates and on the basis of consensus decided to elect Mr. Ain Kaljurand the chairman of the Management Board of AS Tallinna Sadam and Mr. Allan Kiil a member of the Management Board.


“In light of recent complex geopolitical events the Port of Tallinn has been able to adapt to the situation and to maintain its profitability. The leading role in this was played by the current Management Board. This is why the Supervisory Board decided that this team is the best at the moment and should continue leading the company”, Mr. Remo Holsmer, chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Tallinna Sadam, comments the choice that has been made.


The most important of the short-term tasks of AS Tallinna Sadam include development of the territory of Vanasadam (Old City) harbour, concluding reliable year-round contracts for Botnica icebreaker and participating in the public procurement for organizing ferry connections between the Estonian mainland and the islands. The Management Board has already addressed all these topics in detail and now will be able to continue the work.


The Supervisory Board has confirmed the chairman and the member of the Management Board in office for a five-year period.


17 candidates submitted their applications in the competition for the position of a Management Board member along with descriptions of their vision of development of the Port of Tallinn for the coming decades. The Supervisory Board of the company would like to thank all the participants.


Another important topic discussed by the Supervisory Board was related to procurement of ferries. No participants have submitted offers in the procurement organized by TS Laevad OÜ (a subsidiary of AS Tallinna Sadam) for purchase of ferries for providing connection between the islands and the mainland. The Management Board of the company has introduced to the Supervisory Board the action plan for the near future, according to which the shipbuilders and owners are prepared to enter into direct negotiations with regard to purchase of vessels.


The Supervisory Board has obliged the Management Board to engage in this matter more actively in order to be able to introduce the offer within the public procurement for operating ferry traffic between the mainland and the islands announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.


Additional information:
Remo Holsmer, chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Tallinna Sadam, phone: +372 503 3673; email:
[email protected]

Sirle Arro, head of Marketing and Communication Department of AS Tallinna Sadam, phone: +372 6 318 068, email: [email protected]

Ain Kaljurand
Chairman of the Management Board

Allan Kiil
Board member

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