Advance Info: IRONMAN TALLINN 2018 Traffic Restrictions

The full distance triathlon IRONMAN TALLINN that is the most sought after triathlon format in the world will take place in Estonia on 4th August 2018. The preparations for bringing the triathlon festival with its side events that last for five days in total into Estonia has taken more than seven years and Tallinn is the second capital in Europe, after Copenhagen, where the IRONMAN triathlon is being organised. The event is also a part of the official EV100 programme.

The main competition of IRONMAN TALLINN starts early in the morning on 4th August at the Seaplane Harbour with a swimming distance 3.8 km long. It is followed by a two-lap bike ride 180 km long that takes the participants through the city districts of Põhja-Tallinn and Haabersti into the nearby settlements outside of the capital. The running distance with the length of a marathon consists of four loops around downtown and the Old Town and in the area of Kalamaja and it culminates with a finish line at the Freedom Square that is open until midnight. 

The organisers ask you to take into consideration the traffic restrictions on 4th August in Tallinn and the rural municipalities of Lääne-Harju, Saku, Saue and Harku and on 5th August in Tallinn. We would like to point out that the bike and running trails may go through or pass directly the principle place of your business. If possible, please do not plan activities connected to truck traffic or other means of transportation or please take sufficient waiting time into consideration when making your plans.


Licensed traffic regulators manage the traffic on the bike and running trail. Residents, emergency vehicles and the transportation of local authorities will be let pass on the basis of the regulator’s evaluations of the situation and the decisions and signals that were made (possible waiting time up to 30 minutes). Traffic will be opened promptly after the end of the competition and the removal of the traffic control devices.


The bike distance of IRONMAN TALLINN closes the public traffic on 4th August between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on the following roads and streets: Kalaranna, Tööstuse, Kopli, Pelguranna, Lahepea, Paldiski maantee, Kalasadama, Põhja puiestee, Mere puiestee, Pärnu maantee, Kaarli puiestee in Tallinn. The following route is closed for traffic outside of Tallinn: Hüüru – Kiia – Vääna – Viti – Vääna-Jõesuu – Keila-Joa – Vääna – Kiia – Hüüru – Instituudi tee until Laagri. From Laagri onwards, Vee and Hoiu streets until Tallinn roundabout to Saku.


Due to the running trail, traffic restrictions need to be taken into account during the whole day on 4th August on the following streets and non-motorised traffic routes: Toompea tn, Falgi tee, Toompuiestee, the non-motorised traffic routes of Šnelli Park and Towers’ Square, Rannamäe tee, Suur-Rannavärava tn, Põhja pst, Kalasadama tn, Kalaranna tn, the non-motorised traffic routes of Kanuti Park, Kaarli pst, Freedom Square, Harju tn. Traffic into the harbour goes through the following streets: Jõe tn, Ahtri tn, Sadama tn and Mere puiestee.

Telia 4:18:4 Triathlon that is a part of the triathlon festival programme brings changes into the city traffic of Tallinn on Sunday, August 5. Traffic closures between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. should be taken into account on the streets of Kalaranna, Tööstuse, Kopli and Pelguranna, but also on the other streets and non-motorised traffic routes in the vicinity of Tallinn City Hall.


More specific trail maps of the main competition on August 4 and the Telia 4:18:4 Triathlon on August 5 can be found on the website: Information concerning traffic can also be obtained by calling the information number 5300 1707 during the event.


IRONMAN TALLINN organisers apologize for the possible inconveniences arising from the traffic changes and hope for your understanding and supportive cheering for the participants!

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