Andrus Ait will become the new member of management board of Port of Tallinn

By the decision of the supervisory board of AS Tallinna Sadam, Andrus Ait will become the new member of the management board and Chief Financial Officer of the company, taking office on 21 February and his term of office is five years.

Chairman of the supervisory board Aare Tark said that Tallinna Sadam will have a member of the management board with ambitious and diverse financial experience. “In favor of Andrus Ait also spoke his long-term experience in the real estate sector at Riigi Kinnisvara AS, as Tallinna Sadam will face major developments and opportunities in real estate in terms of revenue growth in the coming years. Andrus’ experience in managing development projects and conducting business analyses, as well as negotiating and communicating with large customers, is a worthy addition to Tallinna Sadam.”

Andrus Ait has worked in various financial positions at Riigi Kinnisvara AS since 2005, in 2016 Andrus became the company’s CFO and since 2019 he has been a member of the management board of Riigi Kinnisvara AS. In 2011–2016, Andrus was also a member of the supervisory board of SA Kärdla Sadam (Port of Kärdla). Andrus Ait has a master’s degree in economics from Tallinn University of Technology. Andrus Ait owns 1513 shares of AS Tallinna Sadam.

The management board of Tallinna Sadam has three members, in addition to the CFO – Valdo Kalm, chairman of the management board, and Margus Vihman, Chief Commercial Officer. Marko Raid, the former CFO of Tallinna Sadam, became the CFO of Graanul Assets and Graanul Tehnoloogia.

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