Balloon Tallinn will continue flying throughout the year

Balloon Tallinn, one of the most popular attractions among tourists and local citizens in Tallinn, will continue flying throughout the year, making it one of the kind in the whole world. 

“Our project was welcomed very warmly during the first season and due to the high interest, we decided to continue with the flights throughout the year. As a result, Balloon Tallinn is a unique attraction in the whole world by offering flying options also in winter conditions and by being the most Nordic such balloon in the world,” said Sigre Luts, Balloon Tallinn operator Lennulaev OÜ Member of the Board.


Balloon Tallinn, launched in the end of June, served over 2100 passenger flights during the summer season and will continue operating throughout the year. Summer season record was set at the Tallinn Maritime Days in July, when Balloon Tallinn flew more than 500 passengers a day. “During the event, we flew 15 hours in a row and operated approximately 60 rides during the record day as the weather was perfect for flying and there were so many customers,” added Luts.


The summer season as well as the daily flight schedule of Balloon Tallinn ends on 28th September. “During the last daily operating weeks, i.e. until the end of September, we offer morning hours, from 8AM to 10AM, for two persons for the price of one,” said Luts. According to Luts, Balloon Tallinn is popular among tourists as well as local citizens, who are looking for a fun family activity or a romantic venture.


“During the summer, we also generated loyal customers. There are many clients, who wish to fly more than one time on various times and for various purposes: in daylight or in the dark, with a date or with the whole family. Very often we welcome corporate events as well, for example many evenings in September are already booked,” said Luts.


Starting from 29th September, when the summer season ends, it is possible to have a balloon ride on weekends from 10AM to 8PM, if the weather allows. The flight schedule gets busier on school holidays, Christmas, New Years Eve and additional flights will be added to the schedule on the weekdays.


“Winter balloon rides will be very exciting: when the sea is frozen, it is possible to admire covered with the white snow fairy-tale-like Old Tallinn as well as the frozen sea,” observed Luts.


In order to make flying in the winter possible, a special “snow cap” will be placed on the top of the Balloon Tallinn, which prevents snow accumulation at the top of the balloon and helps the snow to glide down. “Balloon Tallinn is illuminated from the inside and looks extremely effective in the dark winter conditions,” added Luts.


The viewing platform i.e. the gondola of Balloon Tallinn filled with helium and anchored to the ground can accommodate up to 30 people and allows passengers to enjoy panoramic views from the height of 120 metres. In clear weather, the visibility from the Balloon Tallinn gondola will be over 40 kilometers. This is the highest open-air viewpoint in the Tallinn city center and the most northern attraction of its kind in the world. There are currently only 10 exactly the same type of balloons operating around the world, but all of them are situated to the South. Together with other manufacturers’ balloons there are only little over 20 similar balloons in operation in the world.

The manufacturer of the Balloon Tallinn, Lindstrand Technologies Ltd. (LTL) is the world leading creator and producer of the most advanced lighter-than-air airships and inflatable structures. The founder and the head of the company Per Lindstrand is a remarkable aeronautical engineer, pilot, pioneer and adventurer with world-wide recognition for his achievements in breaking through the boundaries of lighter-than-air technology. With designs certified in 48 countries and a perfect safety record, Lindstrand Technologies is the world’s most versatile manufacturer of aerostats, airships, gas balloons, tethered balloons and high-tech inflatable structures.

Earlier in 1999 LTL, in partnership with Daimler Chrysler Aerospace of Germany, was awarded a design contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop a high altitude long endurance airship. In 2002, LTL was awarded the contract to design and manufacture the parachute for the planned Mars landing – Beagle 2. This was to be the most advanced parachute in the world. In 2003 the Beagle 2 landed successfully on Mars.

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