COVID-19 and travelling to Estonia

The Estonian Government has declared a state of emergency in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 i.e. coronavirus epidemic. The situation means special measures, some of which also affect tourism in Estonia.

At all border crossing points, i.e. ports, airports and checkpoints at the Russian and Latvian land borders, health surveillance will be increased to identify people with symptoms of infection. Anyone entering the country must fill out a questionnaire form in order to determine where they have been travelling before arriving to Estonia.

Currently there are no official restrictions on passenger ship or air travel services between Helsinki and Tallinn. The sale of cruise journeys on the Tallinn-Stockholm route has been suspended, while route travel and freight transport are allowed to continue.

Museums and cinemas will be kept closed in Estonia until the beginning of May and no theatre performances, concerts, sports competitions, conferences or other public gathering will be held during that period. Libraries and their magazine rooms are kept open.

As the situation in the world develops daily, the Estonian authorities monitor the situation and share their information with the European Centre for Communicable Diseases (ECDC). The most current information is available on the Estonian Health Board’s website in English and Estonian.

In general, the Estonian Health Board reminds all travellers that taking care of good hygiene – e.g. careful washing of hands – is a reasonable use of common sense. If you face questions about COVID-19 or experience symptoms of the disease, call the medical advice number +372 634 6630 (English service daily between 15.00-17.00, other times 24/7 in Estonian and Russian). If necessary, the advisory workers will re-direct the call to the public emergency number 112.


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