Estonian authorities run cooperation exercise KBRT2019 onboard Tallink’s vessel and at Old City Harbour

On Thursday, 19 September a joint exercise KBRT2019 will be carried out onboard Tallink Grupp’s vessel Baltic Queen and at the Port of Tallinn Old City Harbour, during which Estonian authorities and companies will practice cooperation and joint working during a chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear incident. 

The exercise is organised and run by the Estonian Internal Security Service. According to Tõnu Miilvee, head of bureau at the Estonian Internal Security Service, the situation practiced in the exercise with all the different components is very unlikely to happen in Estonia, but if it did, it would have very severe consequences. „In real life we will have to solve crisis situations in Estonia with the top experts from many authorities working together who don’t perhaps have so much cooperation day to day,“ Miilvee explained. „The Estonian Internal Security Service is doing its best every day to prevent and eliminate threats to Estonian national security and Estonian citizens. Part of this work is also organising and conducting joint exercises like this, where we can practice our joint working to solve even the most challenging situations.“

During the exercise tomorrow the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, also taking part in the exercise, will additionally practice the strengthening of the Estonian maritime border controls.

The exercise has been jointly organised by the Estonian Internal Security Service, Tallink Grupp and the Port of Tallinn and the Estonian Rescue Board, Police and Border Guard Board, Tax and Customs Board, Health Board, Food and Veterinary Board, Defence Forces, Tallinn Ambulance service and the East Tallinn Hospital will participate in the exercise. The Lithuanian Special Forces unit ARAS will take part as an international partner and several observers from Estonian public sector organisations as well as international organisations will be observing the exercise.

The exercise is funded by the European  Union internal security fund resources aimed at enhancing police cooperation, crime prevention and crisis management , and by the Estonian Ministry of Interior ISFR-14 programme funds.

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