Estonia’s biggest tourist gateway: Port of Tallinn welcomed its 10 millionth passenger

The year 2016 will go down in Port of Tallinn’s history with yet another record with port’s annual passenger number exceeding the magical 10 million. On Tuesday, 27th of December, Port of Tallinn’s 10 millionth passenger Kairit Pootsmann arrived on board of Eckerö Line’s ferry Finlandia. Kairit spent Christmas in Finland and came to Estonia to prolong her holidays.


Port of Tallinn’s passenger number has been increasing year by year. The last record breaking 9 millionth passenger arrived to Tallinn in 2013 on December 19. In 2015 Port of Tallinn served 9.79 million passengers, hence the increase in 2016 is 4%. Most passengers are served in Old City Harbour, where the most popular ferry line is Tallinn-Helsinki with the annual passenger number being about 8.4 million people. About 6 million people or 60% of all Port of Tallinn’s passengers travel by Tallink ferries; ferry with the biggest annual passenger number is Viking XPRS with more than 1.8 million people.


Port of Tallinn’s 10 millionth passenger was festively welcomed in Old City Harbour’s Passenger Terminal A by Port of Tallinn’s CCO Margus Vihman and Harbour Master Ülo Kikas. Eckerö Line’s Region Manager Katrin Sirk-Aun also congratulated the record breaking 10 millionth passenger and welcomed her on board again soon. Port of Tallinn’s orchestra and mascot Harbour Master Ülo the Seal helped to set a good mood among all the arriving travellers.

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