Exhibition presenting Estonian wooden houses now open in passenger terminal A

A new exhibition presenting Estonian wooden houses is now open for everyone to see in Old City Harbour’s passenger terminal A. The exhibition displays the projects submitted to an annual competition “Pre-fab House of the Year 2016”, organized by Estonian Wooden Houses Association and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster. Come and see the display at the biggest sea gate of Estonia, because wooden houses are Estonia’s pride and joy!


Estonians have built their homes from wood throughout the times. All biggest Estonian cities have suburbs with houses built from wood, which have stood there for more than a hundred years and are valued to this day as emotionally fulfilling living environments. Complicated projects, courage, quality and competence in engineering and constructing buildings, which seem impossible to implement at first sight, are the characteristics that Estonian wooden houses producers are known for in the world.

Exhibition „Pre-fab House of the Year 2016“ presents houses manufactured in Estonian factories of wooden houses, the speed of their production process, quality and versatile possibilities of using wood as building material.  Contestants of the competition included Estonian producers from

garden houses to wooden high-rise module buildings.  An international jury of the 2016 competition awarded the 1st prize to a sensational 14-storey world’ s tallest wooden building, produced and built by AS Kodumaja. In addition to the winning work the other 22 projects submitted to the competition included: a nearly zero energy building engineered by Estonians and built in Estonia; health centre in Norway, built according to requirements of a passive house; and many private homes produced in factories as element or log houses;  apartment- and public buildings.

We hope that the exhibition provides a good overview of wood as an extremely versatile building material and inspires you to decide for a environment friendly wooden house when planning to purchase a new home.  Wood is nature friendly and the only material to help create healthy living environment!

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