Freight traffic will be studied in Old City Harbour in week 42

Port of Tallinn, Port of Helsinki and Helsinki Regional Transport Authority HSL will study the volumes and destinations of freight traffic in Old City Harbour of Tallinn. The data is being gathered as part of the HTTransPlan project (Helsinki-Tallinn Transport & Planning Scenarios) and to assist in the planning of the Helsinki region’s transport system.

The study consists of a questionnaire for drivers. The questionnaire will determine the origin, destination, and contents of each shipment arriving in the harbour, and the type of vehicle used to carry the shipment.

Drivers will be interviewed in the harbour on Tuesday and Thursday. The objective is to interview all drivers arriving in port from land, if the traffic situation permits. However, the study will not delay ship traffic or the loading of ships.

Participation in the study is voluntary, and all information obtained will be handled confidentially. No information on individual shipments, companies or harbour sections will be published in identifiable form.

Additional information on the study is available from Hele-Mai Metsal, Head of Infrastructure Development Department, [email protected]

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