From February 23, certificate of a negative corona test or corona antibodies must be submitted when going to Finland

Starting from 23 February 2021, shipping companies require the presentation of a negative corona test certificate or a medical certificate of having corona antibodies before boarding a ship. Without the certificate passengers will not be allowed on board. The new rule will be implemented by all Finnish shipping companies operating between Finland and Estonia based on an urgent recommendation by the Finnish Health Board.

According to the new rules, passengers on ships to Finland must present a document certifying a negative result to a corona test (test taken within the last 72 hours) or a medical certificate confirming that they have had the disease (within the last six months) to customer service before boarding and to Finnish border control or health officials upon arrival in Finland.

The negative corona test certificate must contain the following information:

  • Name of the person tested
  • Information on the institution that carried out the testing
  • Testing time (maximum 72 hours before boarding)
  • Type of test (PCR)
  • Test result (negative)

As an exception, the following persons shall not be required to provide a test result or a medical certificate:

  • children under 12 years of age,
  • carriers while performing their duties,
  • seafarers returning from work, and
  • persons ensuring vital supply, whose arrival requirement in Finland is a practically insurmountable obstacle.

The certificate is not required for passengers who travel on round trips starting from Tallinn, but do not go ashore in Finland.

A negative test result does not change the current travel restrictions and requirements of coming ashore.

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