From May 2010, the Port of Tallinn is a member of the International Associations of Ports and Cities (IAPC)

International Association of Ports And Cities (IAPC) was formed in renowned French harbour city Le Havre in 1988. Today the association unites over 200 ports, cities, enterprises and public organisations from 37 countries, including places like Helsinki, Stockholm, Rotterdam as well as Montreal, Johannesburg, Miami Beach and so on. As the association was established in France, it is more known internationally by its French acronym AIVP (Association Internationale Villes et Ports).

The main goals of the association is to improve the communication between ports and cities and the co-ordination of development plans, so that they would prove beneficial for all and help each other develop.

AIVP is organising international seminars on regular basis, where various cities and ports can share their experiences and discuss their plans. Additionally, AIVP conducts research activities on the developments of cities and ports, including regarding their environmental impact and therefore helps to improve the city-port synergy facilitating enhanced envisaging of the common future.

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