Harbour Market to be opened in the available facilities on the ground floor of the former Terminal C

In the beginning of September, following extended negotiations, a commercial lease contract was finally concluded with OÜ Sadama Turg (Harbour Market) to make possible a novel use of the available space – to create a market at the harbour area that will provide mainly Estonian produce.

The component adding value to the existence of the market itself, would be undoubtedly the fact that launching such a market in the harbour area would bring us another step closer in our endeavour to open up the harbour area to the city dwellers and visitors, and to create pleasant environment around the harbour for people to spend their spare time in.

The market will have the butchers, the fisherman’s, bakers’ and dairy stalls; next to the mentioned there will be fruit and vegetables vendors, beekeepers/honey sellers and stalls for sweets and candy. The market operator aims to provide the customers with everyday staple groceries as well as more sophisticated treats from the diverse selection available at the market. Beautiful handicrafts and domestic consumer goods will also find their place. The harbour market will be open 24/7 all year round. The market will have its own eatery, where all the fresh produce available at the market will be transformed into delectable dishes.

The negotiations with the maritime equipment vendors are still in process and also the vendors selling alcoholic beverages to mariners against the cold weather will be accommodated.

According to current plans, the Harbour Market should be opened sometimes in November-December later on this year.

See also: www.sadamaturg.ee

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