International street art festival Mextonia was festively opened at Old City Harbour

On June 13th the international festival of street art Mextonia was festively opened at Old City Harbour. In 10 days street artists from Estonia, Mexico and other parts of the world will unite and paint Estonian cultural stories on the wall in Old City Harbour’s cruise area and next to the wall in Old City Marina.

Mextonia – from Mexicans to Estonia, will take place in Tallinn in June 2017, during which some 5,000 square metres of public space will be decorated with giant murals. Some 30 buildings, underpasses and walls will be given a spectacular facelift through the work of 60 artists and graffiti writers volunteering their time. These wonderful murals are Mexicans’ joint gift with Estonians to Estonia for its centenary. 


According to Édgar Sánchez of the Nueve Arte Urbano movement that is one of the leading organizers of this initiative, the goal of the project is to recognise and honour Estonia’s historical and cultural heritage through art, by creating murals rich in symbols that are of significance to Estonians and Estonian statehood.

The Mextonia festival, organized by Nueve Arte Urbano and Todoesuno Estonia, will be held in Tallinn from 14-22 June 2017.

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