Large-scale construction works start in Old City Harbour: please take time when entering or exiting the harbour area

Old City Harbour and its surrounding areas will undergo a large-scale construction, which will influence the movement of passengers and vehicles a lot, especially in the A-terminal area.

On May 2, local heat provider Tallinna Küte will start renovating the heating pipeline on Sadama Street, which causes the closing of one driving direction.

At the same time TS Energia, a subsidiary of Port of Tallinn will start connecting Old City Harbour’s sewage pipeline with the city’s sewerage in order to guarantee the required volume of wastewater admittance from ships at all berths in active use. For this purpose a deep sewage (micro-tunnel) will be built, which means that several streets on harbour’s territory will be dug up causing temporary traffic diversions. 

Also, reconstruction of Logi Street will start allowing the implementation of traffic flow management system Smart Port that will rearrange the traffic in the A-terminal area. The Smart Port project also brings along construction works in the A-terminal and neighbouring cruise area as new gates for cruise passengers, cars and trucks will be built. 

We kindly ask all cruise passengers and passengers traveling with Viking Line, Eckerö Line and St.Peterline, as well as people servicing the ships, to take their time and follow the temporary traffic management schemes. 

Construction works in Old City Harbour are multi-staged and will last until the end of this year. Port of Tallinn will provide up-to-date information about the construction works and traffic diversions. The works are essential for improving the traffic solutions of Estonia’s and its capital’s main tourist gateway to be more logical and to make the harbour area more attractive. 

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