New ways in freight transport discussed at the Hinterport project’s final conference

The Hinterport project’s final conference was held in Bologna on the 12th of December, hosted by the project’s coordinator, the Bologna freight village. The discussion was focused on the main existing barriers to an efficient integration between ports and inland terminals and on some possible solutions to be promoted in the several countries involved.

The conference was field by internationally renowned speakers from major European ports and inland terminals, whose contributions stimulated a lively debate on the deep changes that have taken place in the maritime freight transport and on the strategies of the port authorities, who judge the integration with the hinterland a priority.

Synchromodality, as a new way of thinking intermodality and multimodality, in the sense of a structured, efficient and synchronic combination of two or more modes of transport, perfectly summarizes the conference’s results.

All the testimonies of the transport and logistics operators were in line with those of the representatives from the European institutions, whose more recent policies aim at creating a single European transport area and supporting the integration between ports and inland terminals.

All the conference’s materials are available on the Hinterport project’s website:

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