Newly Opened Koch Storehouses – Tallinn’s New Sea Gate

On May 25 Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Arvo Sarapuu and Chairman of Port of Tallinn’s Management Board Ain Kaljurand opened a modern trade and meeting place called Koch Storehouses (Kochi Aidad) in a historic warehouse complex at Lootsi Street.

According to Deputy Mayor Arvo Sarapuu Tallinn has taken one step closer to the sea by opening Koch Storehouses. “As is the case with many other seaside sites, for years people had neither the opportunity nor a reason to come to Lootsi Street. Hopefully now one artificial barrier between the city centre and the port is gone for good,” said Sarapuu. “I believe that Koch Storehouses and the entire region will become a new fascinating attraction for local citizens and visitors alike,” Deputy Mayor added.

Chairman of Port of Tallinn’s Management Board Ain Kaljurand said that bringing people closer to the sea is one of the primary goals of Port of Tallinn. “It is very important for us that people could come to the sea, have a good time here, and enjoy themselves. The renovated Koch Storehouses with everything this area has to offer to the visitors are definitely one of the best opportunities to do that,” Kaljurand noted.

Koch Storehouses, comprising of a bright coffee shop, a tavern with its very own brewery, and a spacious courtyard, are located in Tallinn at 10 Lootsi St. Built late in the 19th century by merchants Kochs who were German by origin, these limestone buildings were reconstructed in 2012, restoring a popular leisure time and trade area by Tallinn’s city centre port.

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