Nordecon is going to develop the front area of Terminal D at the Port of Tallinn

TALLINN, June 10, 2021. AS Port of Tallinn and Nordecon AS have entered into an agreement for the design and construction of the outdoor space in front of the Old Port’s D-terminal. As a result, the Port’s service areas will merge into one with the surrounding greenery and attractive urban space. The work will start in June and the total cost of the project will be 5.9 million euros.

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According to Peeter Nõgu, the Head of the Infrastructure Division of the Port of Tallinn, the goal for Port of Tallinn is to turn the areas bordering the D-terminal into a modern urban area with plenty of public space and landscaping. “We want to offer a pleasant pastime to not only our passengers, but also to the locals and visitors of the city, and to partially restore the historical identity of the district.”

Together with the surrounding area, the space that will be transformed is around 5.2  ha and includes the front of the D-terminal, the front of the Lootsi quarter, and the areas connecting the promenade with Reid Road. Within the framework of the procurement contract, a new traffic management solution and utility network, new landscaping, new pedestrian paths, waiting areas with roofs for those waiting for a bus or taxi, a parking lot for passenger taxis, a short-term parking lot for cars, and a new lighting solution with outdoor design elements will all be completed. Several gathering spots and a seating area with a staircase will also be developed. As a part of the historic Old Port, the location of Tõrvaköögi will be marked as a water pocket. Koch and Girard Squares will be built on the sites of the old warehouses and canals. The front area of the new reversible pedestrian bridge will also get an appropriate bearing.

The outdoor project concerning the area bordering the D-terminal is one of the first infrastructure ventures for the Port of Tallinn, where the design and construction follow specific BIM (Building Information Modeling) requirements designed by the company. The development of the InfraBIM prerequisites sprung out of the need to use the digital twin of the area also in post-construction administration.

“The port is of great significance in Tallinn, it opens the sea to the townspeople and has become a symbol of sorts for the capital. We are glad that once again we can contribute to such an important project. We have been cooperating with the Port of Tallinn for many years and hope to continue this tradition also at this point. Such projects, where something substantial can be created for the whole nation, are always emotionally rewarding,” says Gerd Müller, Chairman of the Management Board of Nordecon. Nordecon was also the general contractor for the expansion of the D-terminal at the Port of Tallinn that was completed in 2020.

The results of the construction, which will start in June, can be seen by the public in the end of summer 2022 at the grand opening. The total cost of the project is 5.9 million euros. The works will be co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) measure under the Twin-Port 4 project.

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