Old City Marina: Tallinn Tourism Deed of the Year 2010!

The City of Tallinn has chosen the Old City Marina as the Tallinn Tourism Deed of the Year 2010.

The Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day 2010 held on 7 October concluded with a festive ceremony in the underground parking lot of the Vabaduse Square that had been turned into a reputable party venue where the Tallinn Entrepreneurship Awards were presented. For the first time the Port of Tallinn was among the contenders in the category of the Tourism Deed of the Year 2010 with the Old City Marina. Competing against the recently renovated Bastion Tunnels and the Masters’ Courtyard located in the Tallinn Old Town, the Old City Marina emerged as the winner!

During the past season, over 1,500 foreign vessels called to the Old City Marina. Majority of the visitors were hailing from Finland; however there are vessels with Russian, US, Virgin Islands, Swiss, France, UK and many other flags. As the Old City Marina has turned out to be extremely popular among both the visitors and locals, the plans have been made to expand the Marina with 50 additional berthing spaces.

The city of Tallinn has acknowledged local entrepreneurs and business developers during the Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day that is traditionally held in the autumn. The purpose of the competition is to promote entrepreneurship and to give wider exposure to the industrious innovative people and organisations. In addition to the Tourism Deed of the Year, the prizes were awarded in the categories of ‘Development Project 2010’, ‘Cooperation Project 2010’, ‘Shiny Start-up 2010’, ‘Job Creator 2010’, ‘Responsible undertaking 2010’, and ‘Applicable Research.’

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