Online seminar to discuss data flow in construction lifecycle

An online seminar titled ‘Data flow in the construction lifecycle’ is set to take place from 13:00-15:00 on 17 April. It is a pre-event to the World Summit on the Digital Built Environment (WDBE) and is being organised by the Digital Construction Cluster in association with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

The seminar will be opened by Antti Peltokorpi, an assistant professor in construction operations management at Aalto University, who will be giving an introductory lecture on the digitalisation of construction. Via video, the story behind the creation of the fully digital port concept for Terminal D at the Port of Tallinn will be outlined, and a panel discussion will be held on the challenges posed by and future potential of data flow in the construction lifecycle. Experiences will be shared by Hele-Mai Metsal and Riho Joala (Port of Tallinn), Peter Haab (Sweco Projekt), Miina Karafin (Nordecon), Vaiko Veeleid (Hades Geodeesia) and Taavi Liiv (Tulitec).

Hele-Mai Metsal, the head of the Development Department at the Port of Tallinn and a member of the management board of the Digital Construction Cluster, says: “The reason we’ll be talking about Terminal D in particular is that its reconstruction has been the first project for us that was put together by the designers and the contractor in accordance with Building Information Modelling (BIM) requirements. The development of these requirements was guided by the need to use the digital twin of the building in the maintenance phase as well.”

Metsal added that BIM requirements are becoming increasingly common in construction, both in Estonia and abroad. “It’s important that we all follow them in the same way, wherever we are, and that we share our experience with one another,” she said. “Everyone involved in the reconstruction of Terminal D is gaining that experience, and we want to share what we’ve learnt with others.”

The online seminar is free to follow live and will also be available to view later. Its working language will be English.

WDBE 2020 is being hosted in Tallinn and Helsinki. The summit will guide participants along future paths, giving them the chance to dream and discover the living environment we will be inhabiting in 10-30 years’ time. The autumn summit will be preceded by a number of pre-events.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Digital Construction Cluster are responsible for the Tallinn programme for WDBE 2020, which is being financially supported by Enterprise Estonia via the European Regional Development Fund. The main organiser of WDBE 2020 is Finland’s KiraHUB.

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