Paljassaare Harbour is situated on Paljassaare Peninsula in Tallinn, approximately 6 kilometres from the centre of the city. With the handling capacity of some 3 million tonnes per year the harbour is considerably smaller than its 2 bigger brothers - Muuga and Old City Harbour.

Due to its geographical location Paljassaare Harbour is one of the most sheltered harbours in Estonia in terms of winds and waves. Vessels enter and leave the harbour through a canal (length of canal 800 m, width 90-150 m, depth 9.0 m).

It is a cargo port, which primarily specialises in handling mixed cargo, coal and oil products, as well as timber and perishables. The harbour is also used for cooking oil shipments by the neighbouring refinery.

Due to the limited business opportunities in Paljassaare, AS Tallinna Sadam (hereinafter: Port of Tallinn) decided in 2017 to terminate operation and management of Paljassaare harbour.  At the same time, Port of Tallinn started the process of exiting the operation of the port and the gradual transfer of assets. During 2020, Port of Tallinn sold the quays and other properties of the Paljassaare harbour, and in 2021 the utility networks and facilities and stopped providing network services in Paljassaare. As a result of a long process, the Transport Board satisfied the application of Port of Tallinn and OÜ Hundipea and carried out the change of port authority, according to which OÜ Hundipea will be the port authority of Paljassaare harbour from 10.08.2022. Port of Tallinn is no longer the port authority of the Paljassaare harbour and no longer provides port services there.

Port in numbers

  • Territory: 31 ha
  • Aquatory: 33.0 ha
  • Number of berths: 7
  • Total length of berths: 1,207 m
  • Max. depth: 9 m
  • Max. length of a vessel: 190 m
  • Max. width of a vessel: 30 m

Terminals & cargos

  • Oil terminal
  • Cooking oil terminal
  • Timber terminal
  • Coal terminal
  • General cargo terminals
    (incl. reefer terminal)
  • Dry bulk terminal


Coordinates: 59°27’N 024°42’E

Location: Paljassaare 28, 10313 Tallinn

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