Port of Tallinn and Maryland Port Administration Signed a Memorandum of Underestanding

The Port of Tallinn and The Maryland Port Administration (MPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) yesterday, on the 7th of November in Baltimore. Memorandum establishes a formal cooperation between the two ports aimed at increasing maritime business opportunities for both entities. The MOU was signed by MPA Deputy Executive Director M. Kathleen Broadwater and Port of Tallinn CEO Ain Kaljurand.

“We are looking forward to developing mutually beneficial business opportunities as part of the newly signed agreement,” said Port of Tallinn CEO Kaljurand. “Strategic partnerships are very important to us and we see the opportunities for further cooperation with Port of Baltimore. First of all, promoting the existing ship line which links the Port of Tallinn’s Paldiski Southern Harbour with Port of Baltimore and providing roll on/roll off container and project goods shipping service. Secondly, Estonia and the Port of Tallinn’s harbours are the ideal location and a potential gateway for American producers and logistics services providers whose target market is the Russian Federation, CIS countries and the Baltic Sea region.“

“We look forward to utilizing this agreement as a way to generate new cargo opportunities and to share best practices with the Port of Tallinn,” said MPA Deputy Executive Director Broadwater. “Tallinn is the largest port in Estonia and their business profile includes some of the same focuses as ours—containers, roll on/roll off, and cruise. We look forward to the partnership.”

Under the MOU, the MPA and Port of Tallinn may elect to undertake joint marketing efforts to generate new shipping business, share data that may be helpful in forecasting future trade flows, and exchange information on training programs.

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