Port of Tallinn closes operations in Paljassaare harbour

Due to the limited business opportunities in Paljassaare, AS Tallinna Sadam (hereinafter: Port of Tallinn) decided in 2017 to terminate operation and management of Paljassaare harbour.  At the same time, Port of Tallinn started the process of exiting the operation of the port and the gradual transfer of assets. During 2020, Port of Tallinn sold the quays and other properties of the Paljassaare harbour, and in 2021 the utility networks and facilities and stopped providing network services in Paljassaare. As a result of a long process, the Transport Board satisfied the application of Port of Tallinn and OÜ Hundipea and carried out the change of port authority, according to which OÜ Hundipea will be the port authority of Paljassaare harbour from 10.08.2022. Port of Tallinn is no longer the port authority of the Paljassaare harbour and no longer provides port services there.

Termination of port management and provision of port services in Paljassaare will not have a significant impact on the financial results of Port of Tallinn, as the assets related to the Paljassaare harbour have already been transferred over the past few years. After the transfer of the assets, Port of Tallinn continued to operate the Paljassaare harbour as port authority in the interest of the public and to ensure the continuous operation of the Paljassaare harbour until the approval of the new port authority by the Transport Board, providing only some port services and enabling the use of aquatory of the Paljassaare harbour.

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