Port of Tallinn invests in Paldiski South Harbour

The council of Port of Tallinn approved an investment of 1.8 million euros for deepening the aquatory of Paldiski South Harbour in order to enable the harbour to accept bigger vessels with total tonnage up to 75,000 GT.

With the help of the investment aimed to increase the competitiveness of Paldiski South Harbour the channel and turning circle of the aquatory will be deepened from current 13.5 meters to 14.5 meters. 

“Paldiski South Harbour today is a regional cargo harbour oriented towards handling both, the Estonian export and import cargo and specific transit goods,“ said Remo Holsmer, the Chairman of the Council of Port of Tallinn. “The investment in increasing the competitiveness of Paldiski South Harbour is made while looking into the future and the aim is to satisfy the future needs of present clients as well as raise harbour’s attractiveness for new potential clients.“

The core activity of Paldiski South Harbour is focused today on the handling of ro-ro cargo, scrap metal, timber, peat and oil products. Developing fields of activity include transit of new cars for neighbouring markets and pre-sale service.

Port of Tallinn is Estonia’s biggest harbour complex that completely belongs to the state. For 2014, Port of Tallinn forecasts 8% growth of operational income (that will reach 111 million euros) and the net profit of 37 million euros. The expected growth of turnover of goods is slightly below 2% (reaching 29 million tons), while the number of passengers serviced by the port is to remain on last year’s level of 9.19 million people.

Additional information:

Mr. Remo Holsmer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Port of Tallinn, phone: +372 503 3673; email: [email protected]

Ms. Sirle Arro, Head of Marketing and Communication Department of Port of Tallinn, phone: +372 6 318 068, email: [email protected]

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