Port of Tallinn opened a new marina in the heart of the Tallinn City Centre

On 21 May, the Port of Tallinn held a grand opening for the new marina located in the Admiralty Basin of the Old City Harbour and named as the Old City Marina. The new harbour provides 62 berthing spaces for vessels with length up to 60 feet with maximum depth of 4.0 metres (~13 ft). The Old C-terminal of the Old City harbour has been converted into the Marina building. Modern consumer services are available for the seafarers and additionally the Marina provides fuel station for vessels, parking spaces for motor vehicles and a 24-hour surveillance service.

In conjunction with the opening of the Marina, the 100th season of the Tallinn Yacht Club was opened, enabling the Club to return to its roots symbolically – the Club was born in the Old City Harbour a century ago. The complications of history have forced the Club to seek shelter elsewhere, in various places, however now, albeit with a detour, the Club has returned to its native home.

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