Port of Tallinn to Pay the State Nearly €57 Million in Relation to Dividends

According to a resolution of Port of Tallinn’s General Meeting of May 21, this year Port of Tallinn will pay its owners, meaning the State, a total of nearly €44.9 million in dividends, which will be subject to value added tax totaling €11.9 million.

So the payments made by Port of Tallinn in relation to dividends in 2012 total nearly €57 million.

By agreement with the Ministry of Finance Port of Tallinn will make the dividend payments in two parts. The first part – €30 million – was paid at the end of May and the second part – €14.9 million – will be due on November 30.

The consolidated sales revenue of Port of Tallinn in 2011 totaled an all-time record-breaking €89.2 million, growing by €2.3 million, or 3% compared to the last year.


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