Port of Tallinn took the lead in mapping the influencing factors of Estonian transport & logistics sector’s sustainability

In June, Port of Tallinn organised an info day for its clients and partners. In addition to the general overview of company’s development plans, strategy and results, a CSR-themed workshop was held. During the discussions Port of Tallinn together with its clients and partners mapped the fields of significant influence, focus and cooperation for ensuring the sustainability of the Estonian transport and logistics sector.  

The workshop was held with the help of consultants from the company KPMG Baltics, who for the warmup made an informative and inspiring presentation about corporate social responsibility, which was followed by group discussions. During the workshop all groups were asked to discuss the topic “What should Port of Tallinn do on its own or together with its clients and partners in order to be socially responsible and to ensure the sustainability of the transport and logistics sector in relation to the society and local communities, in relation to the environment, safety and security and in relation to the Estonian business environment. 


As a result of the workshop, the fields of significant influence for ensuring the sustainability of the Estonian transport and logistics sector were mapped. In relation to the society and local communities most popular areas were about informing the local communities about port’s activities, involvement of local residents into discussions about port activities and developing port’s areas as well as the surrounding cityscape. Most popular ideas regarding the environment were about enhancing the security in port areas, environmentally friendly activities and smarter routing of cars and trucks. Most popular themes regarding the business environment were about better routing of passengers, developing better transport connections with the city and the port and more flexible pricing policy. 


Thanks to the workshop Port of Tallinn can conclude that most of its development plans are already connected to the fields most mentioned. Additionally, the company now has an input for planning and coordinating its socially responsible activities. Subsequently, Port of Tallinn will analyse the proposals and take them into account while implementing its CSR-strategy.


Beside Port of Tallinn the following organisations participated in the CSR workshop: St. Peter Line, Viking Line, DBT, Katoen Natie, ESTEVE Terminal, Transiidikeskuse AS, HTG Invest, Alfons Håkans, Mann Lines, EVR Cargo, SCS Estonia, Oiltanking Tallinn, Assistor, VIA Reklaam, Sadama Turg, Tuuleveski, Estonian Maritime Administration, Police and Border Guard Board, Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Logistics and Transit Association, Enterprise Estonia, The Swedish Trade & Invest Council, IFS Estonia and Hamburg & Partners.

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