Port of Tallinn’s cargo volume in 2015 was 22.44 million tons

In 2015 the cargo volume passing through the harbours of Port of Tallinn was 22.44 million tons decreasing by 20.8 percent compared to 2014. The cargo volume in December was 1.66 million tons.

From Port of Tallinn’s total annual cargo volume 14.133 million tons passed through the Muuga Harbour, 4.492 million tons through the Paldiski South Harbour and 3.75 million tons of ro-ro cargo through the Old City Harbour. Paljassaare Harbour, which is nowadays used mostly for ship repair, had 56.7 thousand tons of cargo in 2015 and Saaremaa Harbour, where cargo shipments recently started, 8.361 thousand tons.   


From cargo types the volume of general bulk and dry bulk increased by 9.4 percent to 663.6 thousand tons and 2.3 percent to 2,853 thousand tons respectively. The volume of ro-ro cargo also increased by 8.3 percent up to 4,330.5 thousand tons regarding the annual result.


Compared to 2014 the volume of liquid bulk changed the most, decreasing by 32.2 percent to 12.835 million tons. Volume of containers fell by 19.8 percent resulting in 208,784 TEUs and the volume of cargo transported in containers fell by 11.7 percent to 1,741 thousand tons.


In December the volume of general cargo grew the most, compared to 2014 even by 308.5 percent up to 132.4 thousand tons. The volume of ro-ro cargo and cargo transported in containers also grew, by 15.7 percent up to 322.4 thousand tons and 3.8 percent up to 146 thousand tons respectively. In December the volume of liquid bulk fell the most and resulted in 917.5 thousand tons. The volume of dry bulk decreased to 145.2 thousand tons and by 43.2 percent.


In 2015, the ports of Port of Tallinn were visited by a total of 1,684 cargo vessels and 5,397 passenger vessels.


For 2016 Port of Tallinn forecasts the cargo volume to remain on the same level as in 2015.

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