Port of Tallinn’s gift for Estonia’s centenary is light installation „Gate for Ships“

Port of Tallinn’s gift for Estonia’s centenary is light installation „Gate for Ships“, which depicts the colours of the Estonian flag and offers everybody coming to the harbour something beautiful to look at in the dark.

According to Port of Tallinn’s CEO Valdo Kalm Port of Tallinn is with its 10.5 million annual passengers Estonia’s biggest tourism gate. „We wish to create an unforgettable memory for people arriving to the harbour, a memory that would support Estonia’s image as an innovative country and reflect also Port of Tallinn’s vision of an innovative company,“ explained Kalm.


„Port of Tallinn prepared a special gift for Estonia’s 100th birthday – a gate of light that ships pass through when coming or going from the harbour. We believe that this innovative blue, black and white light installation will invite tourists to the outer deck to marvel the arrival to Estonia, attract local people to come and walk at the harbour and when moving on the Pirita road, create a desire to stop and turn one’s head towards the sea.“


The light installation consists of two platforms equipped with two luminaires, located at the end of the two most seaward quays. Each platform has 2 projectors: 1 kW white and 3kW blue lens together with their power supply and control equipment. The diameter of the projectors is 560 mm.


Two opposite blue and white narrow lights together with the unlit middle part cross at 300 m above creating the light installation “Gate for Ships” from the colours of the Estonian flag. The installation is best seen in the dark with wet and rainy weather.


Light installation was delivered and installed by Smelta Ltd. The installation uses projectors from the UK-based company Francis Searchlights Limited, which are designed and manufactured for working in difficult weather conditions at sea and by the seaside. The technical solution of the project was approved by the Estonian Civil Aviation Authority and Maritime Administration.


More powerful and expensive projectors by the same producer are in use, for example, in the Eiffel Tower, Singapore and Mecca.


The light installation will continue to shine also after Estonia’s centenary month and year.


On February 24th, the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia, the passenger terminals in Old City Harbour will be festively decorated and passengers will be welcomed by the brass orchestra of Port of Tallinn. 

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