Port of Tallinn’s most important events and projects in 2015

Here’s an overview of Port of Tallinn’s most important events and projects that were carried out in 2015:

Port of Tallinn got a New Supervisory Board and a temporary Management Board:

In August 2015 Marko Raid, current Chief Financial Officer, and Carri Ginter, attorney and lecturer, were appointed as temporary members of the Management Board of Port of Tallinn. A public competition for the posts of members of the Management Board is currently ongoing.


Kristen Michal, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, appointed in September a new Supervisory Board of Port of Tallinn. New members of the Supervisory Board include: Aare Tark, Urmas Kaarlep, Mart Luik, Üllar Jaaksoo, Merike Saks and Agris Peedu. An attorney Aare Tark was elected as the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Starting from September there are no politicians in the Supervisory Board of Port of Tallinn.  


Forming the Management Board of TS Laevad Ltd:

As a result of a public competition Kaido Padar was appointed as a Chairman of the Management Board and Mart Loik as a Member of the Management Board of Port of Tallinn’s subsidiary TS Laevad Ltd. Kaido Padar has worked for the past eight years in various positions in the Estonian Post and Mart Loik has long-term experience in the field of maritime transport and shipping. With the new Management Board TS Laevad Ltd. has suitable people to set up a company that starts operating the ferry traffic between Estonia’s largest islands (Saaremaa, Hiiumaa) and the mainland from October 2016.   


The number of passengers hit the whole time record:

In Old City Harbour 51,714 passengers were served in an exemplary manner in one day (July 16, 2015) and the annual passenger number exceeds the record-breaking 9.7 million people. In Old City Harbour there are three regular shipping lines: Tallinn-Helsinki, Tallinn-Stockholm and Tallinn – St Petersburg, also yachts and cruise ships are served.  Bottom of Form



Opening of a new wastewater pipeline in Old City Harbour:

In 2015, a new wastewater pipeline, which is compliant to the international (IMO ja HELCOM) environmental requirements, was built. The new pipeline allows cruise ships to give away all of their waste water in the port, directly into the pipeline. It’s fast and easy. 

The described project enables Port of Tallinn to offer cruise ships a service that is compliant to modern requirements and take an important step towards a cleaner marine environment of the Baltic Sea.



Tallinn-Stockholm 25:

Tallinn-Stockholm shipping line had an anniversary on June 17th – on the same date 25 years ago in 1990 with the first trip of the ferry Nord Estonia the regular ferry connection between Estonia and Sweden was re-established after a pause of 50 years.


During the shipping line’s 25th anniversary celebration the Swedish Ambassador Anders Ljunggren, the initiator of the line Hans Laidwa, Port of Tallinn’s Chairman of the Management Board Ain Kaljurand, the Captain of the ferry Victoria I Meelis Puura and Port of Tallinn’s Harbour Master Ülo Kikas welcomed the passengers of Victoria I, the ship that arrived to Tallinn on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015.


By today, a total of 13 million people have travelled on the line between Stockholm and Tallinn. The line that originally started out with one ferry has now two Tallink ferries sailing every day, with daily departures from both capitals.



Tallinn-Helsinki 50:

On July 7, Port of Tallinn celebrated the 50year anniversary of re-establishing regular ferry service between Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and Helsinki, the capital of Finland.


On the occasion of shipping line’s 50th anniversary directors of Port of Helsinki  and Port of Tallinn placed in Old City Harbour’s A-terminal a memorial shield commemorating the first journey of the ship.


Motorised ship "Vanemuine", built in Bulgaria the previous year, made its maiden journey from Tallinn Cargo Harbour in the morning of July 7, 1965. On return journey to Estonia the next day first 100 passengers from Finland arrived in Estonia, among them many Finnish high officials at the time. The ferry line operated until the end of September and during its first season, "Vanemuine " and Finnish ship "Wellamo", that started on the route on July 9, served over 10 000 passengers.


Today, four shipping companies operate daily on the Tallinn-Helsinki route; from Old City Harbour –Tallink, Viking Line and Eckerö Line and from the quay of nearby Linnahall, the catamarans of Linda Line. During the summer high season, Tallinn-Helsingi route has up to 18 departures and up to 20 000 passengers per day. The average annual passenger number on the Tallinn-Helsinki route is about 8 million people.


Old City Harbour’s quay ramp no 16, gallery and travellator:

Ship lines in Old City Harbour got a new additional quay, which is mostly meant to service St. Peterline ships, but is also suitable for other ship lines.  Estonia’s first travellator was opened in the gallery in 2015. The 153-meter-long moving walkaway enables passengers to pass through a long corridor more conveniently.  Shipping companies sailing in the Baltic Sea constantly bring new modern ships on the lines, which also obligates the port to renew the infrastructure meant for serving passengers and ships.   

TWIN-PORT 2 joint project of ports of Helsinki and Tallinn will receive nearly EUR 30 million from the European Union

In 2015, it was decided that the Baltic Sea ports of Helsinki and Tallinn and AS Tallink Grupp will receive EUR 29.3 million from the European Union for their jointly developed TWIN-PORT 2 project to improve the infrastructure and the maritime links between the two ports. Port of Helsinki together with Port of Tallinn and AS Tallink Grupp, the ferry operator on this route, obtained the EU funding within the 2014 CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) program. The total cost of the planned investments is EUR 97.6 million.


At this stage the support to develop Helsinki-Tallinn maritime link in the period 2015-2018 is allocated as follows:

  • Port of Tallinn will receive EUR 5.3 million support to develop several activities in the Old City Harbour: sewage system in the port to collect waste waters from ships, extension of terminal D, reconstruction of access to terminal A and connecting the terminals A and D. The total investment of Port of Tallinn is EUR 17.6 million.
  • Port of Helsinki will receive EUR 19.2 million to develop traffic and port facilities related to Helsinki-Tallinn line traffic, this includes the new fast flow terminal, ramp constructions for the vessels, gate services and street connections. The total investment of the Port of Helsinki is EUR 64 million.
  • AS Tallink Grupp will receive EUR 4.8 million support from the EU to be assigned to the new environmentally friendly LNG vessel, which will be serving the Helsinki-Tallinn line starting from 2017. The ship will cost EUR 230 million and the investment under TWIN-PORT 2 is EUR 16 million.

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