Port of Tallinn’s new cruise ship quay received the award “Tallinn Development Project 2014”

On the Entrepreneurship Day, on October 2nd at the Tallinn Enterprise Awards ceremony the title “Tallinn Development Project 2014” was given to Port of Tallinn for building its new cruise ship quay in Tallinn’s Old City Harbour. The award is city’s recognition for the real estate development project that supports entrepreneurship and tourism in the best possible way.

The new cruise ship quay is the longest quay for cruise ships (421 m) in the Baltic countries, which enables larger ships to dock and significantly increases the attractiveness of Tallinn for cruise operators.

Attraction Balloon Tallinn, which is located in Old City Harbour and offers balloon rides up to 120 meters, received the Tallinn Tourism Development award 2014.

The purpose of the Tallinn Enterprise Awards is to promote entrepreneurship and introduce dynamic companies and organisations to the public. Thus, the awards are given to the most accomplished entrepreneurs in six main categories: development project, cooperation project, bright starter, tourism act, employment creator, responsible entrepreneur, and special award Eco-innovation.

Organising Entrepreneurship Day is an international tradition, which began in larger cities in Europe in 2003. By today, thematic weeks aimed at small- or mid-level entrepreneurs take place simultaneously in at least 37 European countries.

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